Pozza di Fassa - Trentino Dolomites

The village of Pozza di Fassa (m 1320 a.s.l.), with its outlying area of Pera, is located in the widest part of the valley at the confluence of the Avisio and Rio San Nicolò rivers. The village also benefits from a wide expanse of land set in a sunny basin over which Cima Undici and Cima Dodici hang. A particularly devoted clientele come to this pleasant resort and are assured of outings, walks, rock, geology, the Monzoni mountains, Gardeccia, the Vajolet Towers, direct contact with nature and, in recent years, the renovated ski resort of Buffaure which is really appreciated by everyone for its scenery and the gentleness of the slopes. The Aloch ski slope or Ski Stadium Val di Fassa is very well known and well attended in winter where the slopes are lit up every evening for night time skiing: it is a real snow stadium with courses suited to international downhill skiing competitions, to professional coaching and to high quality daytime and night-time shows, while for cross-country enthusiasts it reserves not only access to the Marcialonga circuit but also a good chance to do the Ciancoal Ring, which is enjoyable for the variety of its rhythms and guaranteed snow, and which is particularly attractive at night-time thanks to artificial lighting. In summer, as well as the Catinaccio and the Larsec Crags which change with the magical colours of Enrosadira and which offer a myriad of excursion opportunities, the Val San Nicolò and the Monzoni mountains, on the other side, present gratifying moments of peace and serenity.

Features of the structure Ciasa Florian

  • Distance from basic services (meters)

    • from the supermarket: 150
    • from the chemist's: 320
    • from the surgery doctor: 320
    • from the restaurant/pizzeria: 300
    • from the station/stop: 650
  • Distance from recreational activities (meters)

    • from the public park: 320
    • from the disco/pub: 350
    • from the summer playground: 320
    • from the skilift systems: 200
    • from the cross-country ski tracks: 100
    • rock climbing gym (natural or artificial): 2300
    • from the horse riding centre: 2700
    • from the fitness trail: 400
    • from the wellness centre: 320
    • from the spa: 1350
    • from the sports centre: 850
    • from the river: 80